Helping Hands Fund

To fulfill our mission of standing in the gap for those in need, we have created a Kindness in Action Fund to assist those facing emergency and critical life situations that need a helping hand. Thru this fund, we have been able to help those in our community that have faced loss due to fire, threat of homelessness, and other unforeseen circumstances. 

You can help us help others by making a one-time or monthly donation. If you are interested in providing corporate donations, including offering employees an opportunity to donate thru payroll deduction, please contact us


My family and I were having a hard time financially and was about to be homeless and had no money for a deposit at all.. Had it not been for the foundation helping, we would be homeless. Thank you so much.

The Ezekiel Foundation was a stepping stone to rebuilding my house hold, during a difficult time in my life. Their donation, provided clothes, food, and school supplies for my children during my most critical time of my life. Such a true blessing.

I was struggling  to pay my rent, I was actually was two months behind due to circumstances out of my control. I was at church and got a word that divine intervention  was going to come to me and the help of the Lord was on it's way. I knew what I needed but just had faith that God would come through. I went to home church in Lexington and met Kristie. I explained to her in a text what was going on and she informed me she worked with an organization that helped families with emergencies that were struggling. Not only did this God sent agency help with my rent but they also was able to negotiate  with the landlord to get some of my charges off.

I am so grateful this organization  that has truly impacted my family in a mighty way. Many blessings to this organization and I pray that they will prosper mightily. Thank you for caring about the my family.